In over 50 Commodities, Financials and FOREX Markets.

Why Classical Charts

I believe that there is nothing new under she sun when it comes to speculation. That is why we trade based on principles that have been used by speculators for decades.

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Why Robert

As a trader, I have developed my own research methods and criteria to improve returns and success ratios...

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For Whom

My work is perfectly suited for institutional and independent traders in FX, Commodities and Financial markets with a time horizon from few days to few weeks


You can literally spend 8 hours a week on your speculative business, be location independent, spend more time with your loved ones and make money. A lot of things, right? Well, here is how to get there:

  • Receive timely Futures, Financial and FOREX Trading Strategies.
  • Learn a serious, proven approach to market speculation.
  • Learn how to keep low your emotional involvement with the markets.
  • Join a community of like minded traders.

I've learned that is not wise to be with the crowd when it comes to trading.
If everyone else is trampling the same pile of short term trading, why not go a bit further down the path to fresher, profitable and less walked path?
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