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kelly formula

The Kelly Formula (or Kelly Criterion)

There are bold traders that are risking 10% of their  capital in a single trade (that is insane) and others ...
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Futures contracts continuous contracts

Futures Expiration and Continuation Contracts

Compared to stocks, futures are specific not only for what they do represent (see a previous post about the 14 ...
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trading psychology 101

Trading Psychology 101 – The Near Missing

Recently I came across a paper of professor R.L. Reid - Department of Psychology, University of Exeter, England - titled "The ...
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nicholas darvas

Nicolas Darvas and how to become a millionaire starting from mistakes

Less that 50 years ago, a dancer, self-taught investor become famous thanks to a book titled How I Made $2,000,000 in the ...
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deliberate pratice

Is trading more difficult than driving a car?

Skill development requires practice. Skill refinement requires even more practice. Practice makes tasks that may initially seem impossible to perform, relatively ...
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financial markets diary

The Diary – A Tool to Strenghten Character and Clean-up the Mind

A diary is useful during conscious, intentional, and painful spiritual evolutions. Then you want to know where you stand… Andre ...
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10 Trading Principles

"Principles are concepts that can be applied over and over again in similar circumstances as distinct from narrow answers to ...
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calmar ratio

Evaluating Traders’ Performance with the Calmar Ratio

How to measure the performance of traders and money managers is one of the most underrated topic on the web ...
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the art of learning

The Art of Learning and Unlearning

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. O. Wilde Josh Waitzkin was a ...
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cold shower benefits

Cold Shower Benefits – Why You Should Turn the Water Cold

Today I want to share with you a video from Joel Runyon. The video is about on how you can ...
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Manage The Chimp Inside You

Markets reward rational thinking while punishing fear. This may sound like a cliché, but it's painfully true. During times of noise ...
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mental preparation

Compulsive Trading

Trading is known for its powerful psychological elements. Being aware that emotions are always right on your doorstep is the first ...
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trading habits

Habits of successful traders

Why some traders succeed and others fail? If you are a trader yourself I'm sure you have already asked yourself this ...
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Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan

Many new traders find difficult to follow their trading rules. Have you ever wondered why? There is more than one ...
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traders are doers

Successful Traders are Doers

I can make a big list. A list that would make this post the longer piece on this blog. A ...
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books on trading

How to strengthen and expand you trading arsenal

If you trade chart patterns you should consistently analyze and keep track of those patterns that in the last weeks and ...
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mental toughness

Mental Toughness for Traders

What makes top traders stand out from the crowd and achieve results that for the most are just behind imagination? Are ...
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