EUR/AUD Heading to 2013 Lows? #EURAUD $EURAUD

This an awful Head and Shoulder, but it has characteristics that make it particularly attractive from a trading standpoint (despite the arguable nature of the pattern). Firstly, if we ignore September 2014 false breakdown, the completion of the H&S is a 52-week lows. Secondly, the right shoulder took the shape of a smaller 6-week Head […]


Bearish Outlook for the #EURO #EURUSD $EURUSD

Following the small bounce that occurred in the past 2 weeks we expect 1.10 to act as the level where sellers will jump in to push prices lower. Below 1.2 (where the pair left an open gap) we maintain a medium-long term bearish outlook for this cross rate.  

Platinum PPLT PL

Platinum – Descending Wedge? #PPLT #PL $PL_F $PPLT

Wedges should produce  sharp move in the direction of the trend or against it. With Platinum our bet for the next couple of week is on the downside, but so far this market has failed to to produce the desired shift move. Shorter term, the breakdown (from a small continuation Head and Shoulder pattern visible […]


Natural Gas: More downside head #NG $NG_F #UNG $UNG

An halfway gap at $3.218 and a failed inverse Head and Shoulder make us believe that April NG is headed to $2.195 before eventually turn around. The Head and Shoulder failure pattern was completed on Friday. Ideally we want to see a close at around 2.525-2.520 on Monday and Tuesday. We will short that with a […]

ES daily

Not Much Much Progress Has Been Made $ES_F $TF_F #ES #SPY # $SPY

Difficult (and useless) to guess where equities are headed. Recently, rallies rarely stick for more than few weeks. On the top of that, if we exclude the Eurostoxx, all others major indexes are trading – with some degree of approximation – at the same level where they were trading 6-12 months ago. Within this context, […]

Where the Dollar is headed? #DX #Dollar #UUP $DX_F $UUP

Where the Dollar is headed? #DX #Dollar #UUP $DX_F $UUP

During the past few months we have been watching the US Dollar Index (DX) moving toward the measured move target of a 77-week Symmetrical Triangle that was completed in late 2014. On Friday the target was reached. Now, what?  Well, a look at the long term chart of DX makes us believe that the upward […]

Oil bounce is over! #CL #OIL #USL $USD $CL_F

Oil bounce is over! #CL #OIL #USL $USD $CL_F

As previously noted, the bounce that we saw in 2015 in CL (but also RB and HO) was all but strong. Infact we labeled as a possible flag and a flag is what it turned to be. For those with small accounts and willing to take a short term swing trade, the next chart (USL – […]


$SUPN Beats and Completes a Head and Shoulder Failure pattern #SUPN

Today Supernus Pharmaceuticals  (SUPN) reported total revenue for the fourth quarter, $30.8 million, exceeding guidance by $4 million. From a technical stand point the stock is likely going to close well above $10.0 and complete a Head and Shoulder Failure pattern. The resulting measured move target is at $13.84, more than 20% above current price.


A Symmetrical Triangle in #USDJPY – $USDJPY $JPY #JPY

One could have made a fortune playing the long side in USD­JPY since December 2012. Long term classical chart patterns played out perfectly well. Will the latest Symmetrical Triangle do the same? To get setups and special situations alerts on commodity futures and ETF every Sunday directly in your inbox in a compact and easy […]


Corn is heading lower – $CORN $ZC_F #CORN #ZC

  Since July 2014 Corn futures continuation contract is trading within a congestion range. An earlier Inverse Head and Shoulder formation that was completed on January 2014 failed to generate the expected move. The failed breakout eventually turned to be the Head of a second Head and Shoulder formation that is possibly developing right now.  […]

CENX Stock

$CENX stock breakdown (#CENX)

CENX did not managed to trade above 2011 highs. Today the stock decisively completed a 28/week Head and Shoulder. The measured move target of the resulting down move is at 8.56. That makes this Head and Shoulder a 1:3 risk/reward setup. We like $19.78 as a spot to place a stop on close order (SOC), while an […]


Commodities, Financials and FOREX Special Situations for the week of February 16, 2015

Here follows an excerpt from the latest issue of our SPECIAL SITUATIONS REPORT.  To get a free pdf copy of the report every Sunday directly in your inbox sign-up here. In this issue: COMMODITIES: SI – Silver, HG – Copper FINANCIALS: ES – E-mini S&P, TF – Russell 2000, FESX, TW – Taiwan SGX, MA (Stock), SPSC (Stock) CURRENCIES: DX, GBP/EUR, GBP/USD, EUR/USD COMMODITIES SI – Silver […]

Hot Links From The Financial Blogspheere This Week

Hot Links From The Financial Blogspheere This Week

Information is like food. If you overindulge on information then your mind will become filled with a million words that you’ll never have the time or energy to fully digest. Recently I went through an information diet. I have cut half my intake of reading (from both books and internet) and now read quality content […]

deliberate pratice

Is trading more difficult than driving a car?

Skill development requires practice. Skill refinement requires even more practice. Practice makes tasks that may initially seem impossible to perform, relatively simple to do. It also makes them automatic and executable with a relatively low exertion of energy. Think about driving a car, and you would recognize that the average driver without any conscious thought, […]