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Welcome to The Prop Trading Futures Project

Hi, I’m Robert, trader and founder of the Prop Trading Futures Project. I’m a position/swing operating in the futures, FOREX and equity markets using a classic, discretionary approach market speculation that has been adopted by commodity and stock operators for decades.


“A concise weekly report that brings a handful of very actionable setups from equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets of all around the world. “

Jonathan F. from Germany

“Robert’s weekly market update makes me think. By presenting interesting financial market related information and ideas in an accessible way – most usefully at a time when the financial markets are not open – it allows me to focus on two or three areas of particular interest. This game is all about thinking about the most interesting areas and that’s why I read the weekly.”

Chris, Investment Professional from UK

I’ve been reading “prop trading futures” for around 6 months and find it excellent.

Independent Trader from UK

I trade based on chart patterns. However, I do not have time to monitor hundreds of charts on all the instruments that I trade every week. Robert Main’s weekly updates are extremely helpful in highlighting key chart patterns being developed in the key commodities and FOREX markets.

S.C., trader from Thailand

About this project

The idea behind this website is to share thoughts, grown a network of like-minded traders and help other to do the same. I’m willing to share my trades, tips, plan moves, and more to support traders who have learned to treat trading as a business.

Just as most successful businesses focus on only what they do best, so do I: every weekend I scan markets, define tactics and during the week I simply execute them. Trading is a craft and just repeat the same process over and over again one can develop the skills that are needed to become a profitable discretionary trader.

My core philosophy is founded on the premise that the same strategies, methods and risk procedures that work for me can be transferred to others for their own benefit. After that each trader find new nuances and develop is own style.

Our readers

Several levels and types of traders benefit from my free and premium content:

  • Novice and Intermediate Traders who need to learn a system on how to trade, and more specifically, how to spot and interpret charts patterns. You can familiarize yourself with a successful system, you can recognize what kind of charts work, and what kind of charts do not, you can learn how professional traders build positions.
  • Part-time Traders that have a limited time to dedicate to the market being likely also running a full time job. We tell you what market to watch and discuss in the newsletter how to take profits, and when to cut your losses.
  • Advanced and Professional Traders who want another pair of eyes looking for possible setups. Money Managers and Brokers who don’t have time to design their own trading strategies and analyzing markets.

I believe that “diversification is the holy grail of investing”. This is a quote from Ray Dalio that on my operation it translate in holding from 4 to 10 mostly uncorrelated position. This allow me both a moderate reduction of account volatility and to be able to maintain mental focus on a relative low number of markets.

My Reports

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