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Cold Shower Benefits – Why You Should Turn the Water Cold

Today I want to share with you a video from Joel Runyon.

The video is about on how you can change the way you look at fear and change the way you approach being uncomfortable. These are two aspects of anybody’s life that deeply affect the way we operate on a daily basis.

Joel Runyon is working on an amazing quest called The 777 Project. 7 ultra-marathons, on 7 continents, to build 7 schools. Joel is also an un-official evangelist of cold showers.

In the video below he is at TedX talk to talk about cold showers benefits.

When trading your brain sometimes tends to give out before your trading plan, right?

It may be that you should take a position against the general consensus, or you are uncomfortable to take the next trade (i.e. After 4-5 consecutive losses).

Forcing yourself to step into an ice cold shower every morning would help strengthen your willpower, strength for dealing with adverse emotions and fear. At first it is hard. You have to force yourself and it is silly how difficult it is. But over time it gets easier.

Committing to 30 days of cold showers is perfect to push yourself, meet your goal, take difficult decisions.

Then you just go back to normal life.