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The definition of success varies from trader to trader in accordance with their philosophy, goals and strategies.

In our proprietary trading we are working hard to improve our risk-adjusted performances. We firmly believe in the power of compounding. Profitability is obtained by avoiding negative years and building on relatively small gains. By committing up to 30% of our account on margin requirements, our goal is to produce at least 30% gain a year.

On average only 30-40% of our bets are winners and around 10% of them make our bottom line. Why? Because we cut losses quickly and let the winners run to their long term targets. This results in small drawdown and occasional big winners.

Our choice of markets and our successes within them are based upon our process of setups selection, obsessive risk management and passive trade management: once we are in a profitable we let it run. The relatively small size of our Portfolio Model ($100,000) was set, primarily, to make position trading accessible to smaller individual traders.

We believe that more informed and educated traders contribute to a more comprehensive and stable market environment. The goal to make the report available to serious retail and institutional traders and investors has been met by distilling and compiling our process into an accessible format so that others could make the most of it.

The PTF Strategies Report can save you countless hours and help you to get to your investment and trading goals.
Here is in summary what you get:

  • Analysis of Weekly Charts
  • Weekly Analysis Of End Of Day (EOD) Charts
  • Markets and instruments: Financial, Commodities, FOREX, Stocks and ETFs
  • Intraweek EOD updates
  • Access to previous reports
  • Full Details And Track Record Of The Strategies Implemented Under This Program On A Hypothetical $100,000 Portfolio.
  • 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Premium Support
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